The Inspiration Behind St. Patrick’s Day: A Missionary Who Changed the Emerald Isle Forever


Green. Clovers. Luck. Many things are celebrated on this festive Irish holiday. But what is the real story behind it? Check out the history below of why St. Patrick’s Day really is worth celebrating!

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Women of the Word: Eunice and Lois


In 2 Timothy 1, the apostle Paul addresses a young follower of Christ named Timothy. Paul tells Timothy that he is praying for him night and day and remembers the genuine faith that is in him. Genuine is another word for honest, pure, or sincere. But where did Timothy get his genuine faith from? Verse 5 says it dwelt first in his grandmother, Lois, and then his mother, Eunice. This genuine faith that Eunice and Lois had is something that we also should gain.

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As Christians, Does It Matter How We Live Our Lives?

As Christians, it does matter how we live for so many different reasons. Once we accept Christ into our lives to be our Savior God through the Holy Spirit immediately begins working in us so that we will have the power to live for Him. However many Christians, including us, often find ourselves struggling to live righteously because instead of relying on God’s power, we try to change from our previous lifestyles on our own.

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