Jesus’ Birth from a Dog’s Perspective

Here is a short story that the little sister, Danyelle, wrote for Christmas. Enjoy!


The shining stars twinkled down on the stable in Bethlehem.

But, look! Another star shone, much bigger and brighter.

Below in the stable, crowded with sheep and lowing oxen, a shepherd’s dog lay by the door, ears perked to the cries of a woman giving birth.

Is she in pain? the dog thought.

Little did he know, he was witnessing the Greatest Thing! In an instant, a beautiful Little Baby Boy was in the woman’s arms. But Mary, His mother, knew He was not Little. He was LARGER THAN LIFE. HE WAS LIFE!

“A Baby! A Baby!” The dog leapt up and ran in circles. He’d only seen his master’s baby girl before. But this Lovely Baby created him. This Baby Boy created the bright star, set in the sky. He created Mary, Joseph, the sheep, the shepherds and the wise men.


Merry Christmas, everyone!


God grant you the light in Christmas, which is faith; the warmth of Christmas, which is love; the radiance of Christmas, which is purity; the righteousness of Christmas, which is justice; the belief in Christmas, which is truth; the all of Christmas, which is Christ.
– Wilda English

Mollie Terrill and Lexi Cole: Mission-Minded Girls

Mollie Terrill (left) and her cousin Lexi Cole, both 11, planned a Christmas craft fair that raised more than $1,000 for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. (Photo by Marilyn Stewart)

Mollie Terrill (left) and her cousin Lexi Cole, both 11, planned a Christmas craft fair that raised more than $1,000 for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. (Photo by Marilyn Stewart)

Pre-teen girls raise $1,000-plus for missions

When Jay and Elizabeth Terrill decided to forego Christmas gifts to each other and instead give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, it sparked an idea for their daughter Mollie and her cousin Lexi Cole: a Christmas craft fair to benefit the International Mission Board.

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Keep Christmas


Are you willing to believe that love is the strongest thing in the world – stronger than hate, stronger than evil, stronger than death – and that the blessed life which began in Bethlehem nineteen hundred years ago is the image and brightness of the Eternal Love? Then you can keep Christmas.
– Henry Van Dyke

Image credit: flickr

As Was Mary, So Are We


In Luke 1:28-38, the angel Gabriel arrives to give Mary a special announcement. Besides telling her that she was going to give birth to a Son and call His name JESUS, he also told her three other things. First, Gabriel told Mary that she was highly favoured. Second, he told her the Lord was with her. Third, Gabriel told Mary that she was blessed.

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9 Christmas Songs

What’s Christmas without good Christmas music? Listen to some of our favorite festive songs below!

Trans Siberian Orchestra – What Child Is This?
Sheerly majestic.

NEEDTOBREATHE – Go Tell It on the Mountain
Because no one sings it better!

Jamie Grace – Born Tonight
She wrote it herself 🙂

TobyMac & Owl City – Light of Christmas
The Light of the world was born.

BarlowGirl – Carol of the Bells
It beats Jingle Bells, but if you want to listen to Jingle Bells than pick Bing.

Idina Menzel & Michael Bublé – Baby It’s Cold Outside
Seriously, can Christmas get any cuter?

Vazquez Sounds – All I Want For Christmas Is You

North Point’s iBand – Feliz Navidad
Playing instruments on your iPhone/iPad totally rocks.

Blake Shelton – The Very Best Time of Year
Have yourself a very country Christmas.

5 Elements of the Christmas Story


The birth of Jesus the Christ is what makes the holiday season the most wonderful time of the year. Read the full account of the miraculous Incarnation in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Let’s look at some elements for why this is part of the greatest story ever told.

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9 Christmas Poems


The Greatest Gift
by Ron Tranmer

When Christmas shopping is finally done,
wrapped gifts lie ‘neath a tree
that sparkles bright with tinsel and light
for everyone to see.

Each gift has been selected
with thoughtfulness and care.
Brining joy with evey toy
and other gifts we bear.

But let us keep within our heart
the much greater gift than these.
One from above, with God’s great love
should bring us to our knees.

A gift of birth to all on Earth.
A gift that’s far from small.
To everyone, He gave His Son…
The greatest gift of all.

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