Made for Greatness


Each and every one of us was made by God to do something great on this earth for Him. It doesn’t matter what it turns out to be, but it’s sure to be something special once we find out what it is we were made to do. It isn’t right to wish to be like someone else. God made everyone different. In their own special way they are important to Him and to other people in this world. Not every kid was made to be a Disney rocker or a Hollywood star.

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Greatness vs Goodness In “Oz”


At the beginning of Oz the Great and Powerful, Oscar Diggs is a traveling magician who entertains and charms crowds with all kinds of tricks. But he is also as Glinda, the “good witch”, later calls him “weak, selfish, slightly egotistical and a fibber.” Oscar Diggs doesn’t want to be a good man, he doesn’t want to settle down and toil and slave away like his dead father did. Oscar Diggs wants fame, he wants to be great, he wants to be powerful.

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