Women of the Word: Joanna and Susanna


Joanna and Susanna are two women who are introduced in the book of Luke and served alongside Christ during His earthly ministry. Luke 8:3 describes Joanna as “the wife of Chuza, the manager of Herod’s household.” Susanna is mentioned alongside her, and Scripture says, “these women were helping to support them [Jesus and His twelve disciples] out of their own means.”

Luke 24:10 goes on to say that Joanna was among the group of women who visited Jesus’ tomb after His resurrection. This Scripture specifically mentions Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, but it is possible that Susanna was among the “others with them” who told the apostles that Jesus was risen. Continue reading

Women of the Word: Herodias’ Daughter


Matthew and Mark tell us in their Gospel accounts (Matthew 14:6-11; Mark 6:22-28) of Herodias’ daughter who, according to the historian Josephus, was called Salome. If you’re not familiar with Salome’s momma, you can read our post on her here. Besides having a long history of royal murder and madness, the Herod family was all sorts of mixed up. According to GotQuestions.org:

Herod Antipas (the “King Herod” of Mark 6:14) had divorced his wife and married Herodias, who was the wife of his half-brother Philip (Mark 6:17). However, Herodias herself was the daughter of another of Herod’s half-brothers, Aristobulus, making her not only the wife but the niece of both Philip and Herod—and a sister-in-law of Herod. Salome was Herodias’s daughter through Philip. Thus, Salome was the daughter (and grandniece) of Philip and the step-daughter (and grandniece by marriage) of Herod; she was also both daughter and grandniece to her own mother. Continue reading

5 Stages of Easter


Palm Sunday
A triumphant entry. A crowd of happy people. Singing and shouting, “Hosanna!” Palm branches waving for a King had come in peace.

Zion’s King had come. Righteous and victorious. Lowly and riding a donkey. The Prince of peace.

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