The Virtuous Girls E-Zine – WINTER 2015


The January-March Winter 2015 Edition of the Virtuous Girls E-Zine is out!



  • Read about our Featured Women of the Word: Many Christian Women
  • Devotional: Endure
  • Katie Davis (@katieinuganda): Just Doing What God Called Me to Do
  • 18 Bible Verses for the New Year
  • Join Us! 365 Days / 52 Weeks / 1 Year In God’s Word


  • Article: A Theology of Imagination
  • Article: GREAT Expectations
  • Article: Use Your Imagination
  • Great Quotes on Imagination


  • Ideas from (@beinggirl): Fun Things to Do In Winter
  • Ideas from Girls With Dreams (@girlswithdreams): Fun Ideas for Winter Break
  • Recipes: Sweet Winter Delights
  • Winter Fashion: Stay Warm and Wear It Well


  • Meet Haile Thomas: Health Advocate, Motivational Speaker and Jr. Chef (@chefhailethomas)
  • Meet Isabella Rose Taylor: Fine Artist and Fashion Designer (@isabellartaylor)
  • Meet Gabrielle Jordan: Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, and Philanthropist (@gabrielleintl)
  • Meet Sicily: Anti-Bullying Activist, Rap Artist, Song Writer and Graphic Designer (@sicilystg)
  • Meet Zandra Azariah Cunningham: Entrepreneur, Founder of “Azariah’s Innocence” (@zandrabeauty)


Check out all this and more inside HERE!

A Theology of Imagination


Theology is defined as rational inquiry into religious questions and more specifically as the study of God and His relation to our world. Most of us normally think of God alongside themes such as faith, sin, redemption, Heaven, Hell, life, death, etc. Rarely do we connect God with creativity and imagination.

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The Disney Magic In You


Disneyland is one of the most fascinating and fun places on Earth because its creator, Walt Disney, believed that all his dreams could come true if he had the courage to pursue them. The original ideas of Walt Disney propelled him to greatness. It didn’t start out with High School Musical or Hannah Montana, but with a dream and a mouse.

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