Women of the Word: Job’s First Daughters


In previous posts, we wrote about four other women who were apart of Job’s life: his wife and his second set of three daughters, Jemimah, Keziah, and Keren-Happuch. Now, we’re checking out his first set of three daughters who are namelessly mentioned in the Bible. Before a series of unfortunate events happened to Job, he had a relatively good life and a very large family. Job 1:2 says, “He had seven sons and three daughters.”

On their birthdays, Job’s sons liked to hold extravagant parties with a lot of food and drinks. They would invite their sisters to their parties and eat and drink for a long period of time. At one such party, which was held at the oldest’s brothers house, the brothers and sisters were eating and drinking and having a good old time when a mighty desert wind hit the house and caused it to collapse. Sadly, all of them died. What can we learn from the lives of three sisters who came to such a swift and unexpected end? Continue reading

Women of the Word: Four Hundred Virgins of Jabesh-Gilead and the Young Women of Shiloh


To understand what takes place with these four hundred virgins and young women in Judges 21, you have to first read what happens in the previous two chapters. Judges 19-20 details the brutal beating, abuse, and gang rape that a Levite’s concubine suffers at the hands of wicked men. When the Levite finds his concubine dead, he cuts her body into twelve pieces and sends the pieces to the twelve tribes of Israel. When the tribes are alerted to this horrible crime, eleven of the tribes judge that the twelfth tribe of Benjamin is responsible for this act, since the men of Gibeah, the place where the concubine was raped and killed, were Benjamites. The tribe of Benjamin is told to hand over the perpetrators so they can be punished, but the Benjamites refuse. Instead, they go out to fight against the other eleven tribes and suffer a terrible defeat. Nearly the whole tribe is wiped out with 18,000 Benjamites being killed.

About 600 Benjamites escape and find refuge at the rock of Rimmon. Now they were faced with the dilemma of keeping their entire tribe from becoming extinct. Because the other eleven tribes had vowed that none of their daughters would marry Benjamites, the remaining men of the tribe of Benjamin are without wives and thus without a way for their line to be preserved. They were only saved from their plight by the four hundred virgins of Jabesh-Gilead. An additional 200 or so more women from the daughters of Shiloh were gathered until every remaining Benjamite had a wife. Continue reading

A Gift

That you are here is a gift. A beautiful, extravagant, decadent, overgenerous, excessive gift. Something precious given by One who is hopelessly in love with you. Desperately enamored of you. Fascinated beyond words with you and longing to collaborate in what comes next for you. God is so invested in you that He put His own breath in you, molded you in His image, and stood back and said that you are “good.” God was dreaming about you before you ever showed up.

Brian Hardin