He Made a Miraculous Catch of Fish


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #8

John 21:1-11

Jesus’ disciples had gotten together and decided to go fishing near the Tiberias sea. However, they caught nothing that night. The next morning, Jesus (who was on the shore) told them to throw their nets to the right side of the boat, and they had a great catch of fish. Such a great catch, that they were unable to lift the net into the boat.

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He Raised Lazarus from the Dead


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #7

John 11:1-44

One of Jesus dearest friends had died, and Jesus feeling emotional over the loss went to where Lazarus had been buried. Jesus told Martha (Lazarus’s sister) to remove the stone. At first Martha objected, but then Jesus told her that she would see God’s glory if she believed in Jesus. The stone was then removed, and Jesus prayed to God, thanking Him that His prayers were heard. After Jesus prayer, Lazarus came out as Jesus called him.

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He Healed a Blind Man


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #6

John 9:1-12

While continuing on a journey, Jesus met a man who was born blind. The disciples believed that either the man or his parents had sinned because that was what they were taught according to Jewish law. Jesus assured His disciples that neither the man nor his parents had sinned, and went ahead and healed the blind man by taking mud and using it along with saliva. The man who had been healed testified that, yes he was blind, but that Jesus healed him. This was another instance when Jesus healed on the Sabbath day.

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He Walked on Water


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #5

John 6:15-21

The disciples were in a boat traveling across the lake, when the weather had changed for the worse. When the disciples had rowed some distance out, they noticed Jesus coming towards them walking on the water. The disciples didn’t feel at peace, yet they were terrified though Jesus calmed their fears and they continued onto their trip to Capernaum.

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He Fed 5,000


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #4

John 6:1-14

Many people were following Jesus because they knew He had healed the sick. Therefore, when Jesus and His disciples were gathering together a massive crowd of people wanted to be near Jesus to see what He would do next. Knowing the crowd was hungry Jesus took five small loaves of bread and two fish that were given to Him by Andrew, and blessed the food. The food was multiplied and the crowd ate as much as they had wanted. Many talked among themselves and believed that Jesus was a prophet.

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He Healed a Nobleman’s Son


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #2

John 4:46-54

While Jesus was once again in Cana, a high official went to see Jesus. The high official wanted to see if Jesus would be willing to come and see his son who was near death. The high official had faith that Jesus could heal his son. Once his son was healed, he and his household believed in the works of Jesus.

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He Turned Water Into Wine


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #1

John 2:1-11

Jesus is at a wedding in the city of Cana with his disciples and his mother, when the supply of wine for the wedding ran out. Weddings are a symbol of love and joy, and Jesus in demonstrating his love for the couple replenished their supply. It is interesting to note that Moses’ first sign was turning water into blood, while Jesus’ first sign was turning water into wine.

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