New Testament In a Year: November 2 – Philemon 1


Philemon 1
(4-7) Philemon’s Love and Faith
Paul thanks God for Philemon in his prayers because of the love and faith that Philemon has toward Christ and to other Christians. This allows the sharing of his faith to be effective and also provides much joy and comfort to Paul.

(8-22) Paul’s Plea for Onesimus
Onesimus was a runaway slave who came to know Christ as his Savior while in prison with Paul. Paul now sees Onesimus as a spiritual child of his and has praise for his profitability in the ministry. Now, Paul is sending Onesimus to Philemon and urges him to accept Onesimus as a beloved brother and not as a bondservant. This is how God treats us when He accepts us into the beloved. He welcomes us as His sons and daughters, as the brothers and sisters of Jesus the Christ, and not as slaves of sin.

Favorite verse: (3) Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Women of the Word: Apphia


Apphia was a Christian woman who was probably very much involved in ministry work. She is mentioned once in Philemon 1:2. In Paul’s letter, he first greets Philemon. He also greets Apphia and Archippus. Apphia was not Paul’s biological sister, but she was his “sister in Christ,” and she is our sister as well. We don’t know what she looked like or what she did, but we all share one thing in common – faith in Jesus. What can we take away from Apphia our sister? Continue reading

1 Year In God’s Word: Day 317 — Daniel 8-10, Philemon


Daniel 8
Focus Verse: I, Daniel, was worn out. I lay exhausted for several days. Then I got up and went about the king’s business. I was appalled by the vision; it was beyond understanding. (27)

Even after Gabriel interpreted the vision, Daniel still did not understand it. It is fine to admit that we do not always understand God’s Word. His ways are often beyond our understanding. Even though I have read the Bible through several times, I don’t comprehend it all. Revelation remains one of my favorite books, but much of it remains wrapped in mystery. Our lack of understanding should not keep us from reading Scripture. Truth does not have to be understood to be believed. Everything will one day be revealed to us because of our faith.

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