The Virtuous Girls E-Zine – SPRING 2015


The April-June Spring 2015 Edition of the Virtuous Girls E-Zine is out!

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Women of the Word (Recap 8)


When God created woman, He made a very special creation. He made us beautiful and unique. He made us strong and resilient, gutsy and spirited, sassy and sweet. And He loves us. God really, really loves His girls. And the Bible is filled with many women – some good, some bad – all of who God made, who God loved, and who we can learn many lessons from.

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Women of the Word: Phoebe


We don’t know exactly what ministry work Phoebe did (some say she was a deacon), but whatever it was must have been significant and executed with excellence. In Romans 16:1-2, Paul gave Phoebe high praise for her service. Here is what we can learn from her:

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