A Wall of Isolation


For one of my college assignments this week, I had to take a Walls Evaluation. After completing the evaluation, I found that the wall I have in my life involves a mindset of Isolation. According to the evaluation website: “Isolation can be defined as a withdrawal from healthy relationships to avoid pain or responsibility. Such a Wall can hinder you from the meaningful connections with other people who God created you to enjoy. Even more, if you’re a parent, this Wall can have a major impact on how your children relate to others as well!”

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Women of the Word: Ruth


Along with Esther, Ruth is the only other woman in the Bible to have her own book. Her story is short (only four chapters) and sweet. It is one of the most beautiful love stories in the history of love stories. Ruth’s life is a stark contrast to that of her sister-in-law’s life. Remember Orpah? While she decided to return to her hometown of Moab, Ruth decided to return to Bethlehem with her widowed mother-in-law, Naomi.

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Women of the Word: the Levite’s Concubine


Judges 19-20 tells one of the most disturbing stories the Bible has to offer. While most are (rightfully) upset while reading about the mistreatment and brutality shown to the woman, we should remember that the Bible tells the story of God and the story of God’s people. While God is good all the time, His people are not always good.

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