We Are All Untouchables


In India, people are divided into societal classes known as the caste system.

The highest group, Bhramin, consists of priests and teachers. The second highest group, Kshatryia, contains warriors and kings. The third group is Vaishya, which is made up of merchants, landowners, and business people. The fourth group, Sudra, contains common people, peasants, and servants. The fifth and last group, the Dalit, are made up of the untouchables.

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God Wants…You!


There are many things that are wanted in the world. For example, I want a German chocolate cake right now. Criminals are wanted by law enforcement officers. Peace is wanted by war ravaged countries. Hungry people want food. Orphans want parents. There are some adults who want children. Success, love, and happiness are wanted by millions of striving, struggling souls. But none of the above want what they want as much as God wants you. Yes, you!

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