Women of the Word: Samson’s First Wife


The story of Samson is told in the books of Judges. Most of us know about his infamous Philistine lover, Delilah; but before Delilah Samson had fallen in love with and married another Philistine woman. The Bible does not give her name, but some of the details of this failed relationship are given in Judges chapter 14.

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Women of the Word: Manoah’s Wife, Mother of Samson


She was visited by an angel of the Lord and gave birth to a real-life Superman, yet the Bible does not tell us her name. She is known only as the wife of Manoah and her story begins in Judges chapter 13. Like several other women of the Word (Elizabeth, Hannah) Manoah’s wife was barren. She could not have any children. In Biblical times, it was considered a real shame if a wife could not give her husband any children. So what did Manoah’s wife do about her situation? She turned it over to the Lord and through her belief, God brought strength out of a weak body and life out of a womb thought dead.

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Women of the Word: Delilah


Delilah is one of the better known women of the Bible because she plays a key part in the popular story of Samson. We read about her in Judges 16:4-9 and Judges 16:10-20. The Word tells us that Samson ‘loved a woman in the Valley of Sorek, whose name was Delilah’; but it never tells us that Delilah loved Samson back. Something bad is always bound to come of a relationship where one person truly loves the other person who is only pretending to love them in return.

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