Alena Pitts: Actress, Model, and Author

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Alena Pitts is an actress and model from Dallas, Texas. As the oldest of four girls, Alena first cut her teeth in acting through making home videos and dramas with her sisters, using their entire home as their recording studio. She has a natural love for all things creative which falls right in line with her gifts and talents. Continue reading

Julia and Maria Myers: Founders of “Pretty Purposeful”


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Julia and Maria live in Southlake, Texas and are the creators of Pretty Purposeful. They decided to start their charity because they wanted to inspire and empower other girls, both locally and globally to be purposeful.

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California – A State of Cool


I will never forget the wonders of nature that I saw on a road-trip to the splendid state of California with my family. We had to travel through three states to get there because we live in Texas.

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