Anaya Lee Willabus: Reader, Author of “The Day Mohan Found His Confidence”


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Anaya Lee Willabus is an eight year old author and visionary who enjoys reading and playing sports. Anaya was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, where she resides with her parents and two siblings. At the age of two, Anaya was taught to read by her father. Thereafter, she began to memorize books, demonstrating an acutely photographic memory. Anaya immerses herself in reading books of all genres throughout the year. Continue reading

The Virtuous Girls E-Zine – SUMMER 2015


The July-September Summer 2015 Edition of the Virtuous Girls E-Zine is out!

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Mandy and Jazzymay: Teen Girls Living for Christ


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Mandy and Jazzymay are two home-schooled tweens. Mandy loves drama, writing, film, and music. Jazzymay loves children and art. They both love beauty and Jesus and helping girls in whatever stage of life they are in. Together they do the MJ Show!

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