Women of the Word: Reuel’s Seven Daughters


In Exodus chapter 2, we read of seven sisters who are at a desert well trying to get water. These sisters were the daughters of Reuel, priest of Midian. Unfortunately for them, some mean shepherds were also at the well hindering the seven sisters from getting what they had come for. Luckily for them, Moses (who was on the run after killing an Egyptian) happened to be sitting by the well, too.

Kind soul that he was, when he saw how the sisters were being treated he stood up and gave them a helping hand. When the sisters arrived back home, they told their father about Moses. Reuel promptly told his daughters to return to the well and invite Moses to dinner. This is how Moses came to marry one of the daughters, Zipporah. We’ll talk about Zipporah in a later post, but for now here are two lessons we can learn from all seven sisters.

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Having Confidence In Christ’s Return


Matthew 24:36 tells us, “But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” The Bible is clear in telling us that no man knows when Jesus Christ will return. Despite this clarity, there are many who still predict the dates of when they believe He will return. Of course, these dates always go by without anything happening. We are warned to beware of false prophets and false Christs who will come seeking to deceive us. Even though Jesus Christ does not give specific dates or times when He will return that does not mean we have to doubt about the second coming. Jesus tells us to watch and wait for Him. Mark 13:37 says: “And what I say unto you I say unto all, Watch.”

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One Day


One day, a little child will be able to have a wolf or a leopard or a lion or a bear for a pet. (Isaiah 11:6-9)

The wolf will romp with the lamb, the leopard sleep with the kid.
Calf and lion will eat from the same trough, and a little child will tend them.
Cow and bear will graze the same pasture, their calves and cubs grow up together, and the lion eat straw like the ox.
The nursing child will crawl over rattlesnake dens, the toddler stick his hand down the hole of a serpent.
Neither animal nor human will hurt or kill on my holy mountain.
The whole earth will be brimming with knowing God-Alive, a living knowledge of God ocean-deep, ocean-wide.

Heeeeeeeeere’s Tasha! Cover for the 4th Book In the Girls of Virtue Series


A fiction series for girls combining fun, fashion, friends, and faith, based on the book, The Virtuous Girl.


We’re almost finished writing on the fourth Girls of Virtue Series character. Her name is Tasha Lu Solara. She is fourteen-years-old from Hacienda Heights, California. She loves dance and drama, fashion, coding, and stars in her own TV show called Girlcode. Tasha’s story is based on chapter four of The Virtuous Girl, Lead Other Girls to the Lord. We hope to have it out later this summer!

Read Book One: Georgie, Book Two: Mila, and Book Three: Janae. You can also get them on Amazon Kindle or NoiseTrade.

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We’re Done Talking OLOGY


-ology is a Greek suffix meaning: a subject of study; a branch of knowledge

In June, we said we would be posting on some Biblical subjects we had been studying. Well, we did. And, now we’re done! Check them all out below.

Women of the Word: Rahab


Rahab’s story is one of my favorite Old Testament Bible stories. The Book of Joshua chapters 2 and 6 tell of how a Gentile woman found favor in the sight of God and His people. Rahab is even highlighted in the ‘Hall of Faith’ of Hebrews 11. She is also mentioned in James 2:24-26.

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Lilly’s Second Adventure

The Adventures of Lilly
Book Two – A China Escape

The second book in the Adventures of Lilly series, A China Escape, has started. If you haven’t read the first book in the series, The Beauty Pageant, you can get it here.


13-year-old Lillian (Lilly) Hill is back with more adventure, fun, and faith!

This time in A China Escape, Lilly travels with her dad to the land of dragons and pandas to help a friend in need. But the sudden disappearance of their friend in a car “accident”, makes Lilly realize they are in a lot more danger than they think. In the second book of the Adventures of Lilly Series, when an ally turns out to be a traitor and faith is oppressed, Lilly learns to rely on God for courage.

Read the first two chapters and follow along each week to finish the story at www.lillyinca.wordpress.com

Check out her wallpapers too. Happy reading :)

God Wants…You!


There are many things that are wanted in the world. For example, I want a German chocolate cake right now. Criminals are wanted by law enforcement officers. Peace is wanted by war ravaged countries. Hungry people want food. Orphans want parents. There are some adults who want children. Success, love, and happiness are wanted by millions of striving, struggling souls. But none of the above want what they want as much as God wants you. Yes, you!

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