5 Stages of Easter


Palm Sunday
A triumphant entry. A crowd of happy people. Singing and shouting, “Hosanna!” Palm branches waving for a King had come in peace.

Zion’s King had come. Righteous and victorious. Lowly and riding a donkey. The Prince of peace.

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JANAE – NEW POST (chapter 5)

Taylor wins a chess championship; Janae gets into a fight with Beverly – CHAPTER 5 of ‘JANAE’ has been posted. Check it out now!


Girls of Virtue – Book Three: Janae

Before Janae could do it, Mika Gist gave her a call. “Janae, there just aren’t any words to express my disappointment with what happened on Sunday,” she began as soon as Janae answered her cell phone. “I heard about the fire at your church. I know about your mom and I am glad she is okay. But there is such a thing called professionalism where the job is finished, no matter how you feel or what is going on in your family or personal life. You could have finished that walk. You should have finished that walk. Not taking your fashion runways seriously, putting on weight, and being uncommitted will not take you any higher in this industry. It’s not a cake walk around here. It’s a rat race. And you can’t keep letting other girls get ahead of you. If I don’t see more passion, and soon, I won’t be sending your portfolio anywhere anymore.”

“I’ll do better,” Janae said.

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A Separation, Darkness, and Good Friday


Here is an awesome Good Friday devotional from Lon Solomon that we thought we would share. (Also, you can listen to Lon preaching “Jesus Rose from the Dead, IMPOSSIBLE?” at MBC this Easter weekend).

Now from the sixth hour until the ninth hour there was darkness over all the land. And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”
(Matthew 27:45-46)

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Women of the Word: Salome, mother of the sons of Zebedee


James and John were brothers who were also disciples of Christ while He was here on earth. They had good character qualities which included loyalty, faithfulness, and zeal for the kingdom of God. After Jesus’ ascension, the Zebedee brothers, both preached the Gospel. James became the first apostle to die for Christ. Legend has it that John was thrown into boiling oil, but survived and lived to write the book of Revelation on the island of Patmos.

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Gabrielle Douglas: Faith Made Her a Champion


Visit Gabrielle Douglas online at: www.gabrielledouglas.com
Twitter: @gabrielledoug | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram

from CBN.com:

Like all Olympic athletes, Gabby Douglas’ road to the Olympics was paved with determination, hard work and sacrifice. But it was more than that. Gabby’s journey was laid on a foundation of God’s Word and prayer.

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JANAE – NEW POST (chapter 4)

Sammie’s angry and a visit from church people – CHAPTER 4 of ‘JANAE’ has been posted. Check it out now!


Girls of Virtue – Book Three: Janae

During lunch break, Janae left Spiron Prep and drove to pick up Sammie early from his school so they could visit their mom in the hospital. Clouds had replaced the morning sun and soon a dull rain began to fall. When she pulled in front of Houghton Road Elementary, Sammie ran out the front doors, his monster green and black sneakers spraying the spreading water puddles every which way. “Did you hear?” he yelled, swinging open the door to the passenger side.

“About Justin?” Janae questioned.

Sammie dumped his book bag in the back, slid into the seat, and slammed the door. “Yes!” he yelled again. He took off his raindrop spattered glasses and dried them in his sweater. “My entire stupid class knew before I did and they wouldn’t stop calling me the stupid son of some stupid jail-bird. Even Emilie and I thought Emilie liked me. This is easily the most embarrassing day of my eleven years and seven months in existence. I’m not going back to school tomorrow. In fact, I’m never going back. Never! Ever!”

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