Women of the Word: Rebekah


Rebekah’s story begins in Genesis 24 when she is chosen as a bride for Abraham’s son, Isaac. Theirs is one of the most well-known love stories in the Bible. It is an example of how all relationships should be – brought about and blessed by the hands of God. However, even though Rebekah was a beautiful woman, and Isaac loved her, their marriage was not without some problems. When they were in old age, and their two sons grown, Rebekah helped the youngest son, Jacob, deceive Isaac and stole his brother’s blessing. What can we learn from this considerate, Godly woman who was not without her flaws?

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We Are All Untouchables


In India, people are divided into societal classes known as the caste system.

The highest group, Bhramin, consists of priests and teachers. The second highest group, Kshatryia, contains warriors and kings. The third group is Vaishya, which is made up of merchants, landowners, and business people. The fourth group, Sudra, contains common people, peasants, and servants. The fifth and last group, the Dalit, are made up of the untouchables.

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He Made a Miraculous Catch of Fish


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #8

John 21:1-11

Jesus’ disciples had gotten together and decided to go fishing near the Tiberias sea. However, they caught nothing that night. The next morning, Jesus (who was on the shore) told them to throw their nets to the right side of the boat, and they had a great catch of fish. Such a great catch, that they were unable to lift the net into the boat.

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Brelyn Freeman: Breezy’z Boutique Founder, Encouraging Women to Love God, Themselves, and Others


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Breezy’z Boutique was opened in 2011 when Brelyn Freeman was at the tender age of 17! Celebrated by many style conscious and trend-savvy shoppers, Breezy’z Boutique is the source for the fashionable and classy woman. Breezy’z is growing quickly, featuring a constant flow of fun and creative designs. A phenomenon in the fashion world, Breezy’z provides shoppers with an unprecedented selection of today’s fashion always changing and always in style. It’s not always about spending tons on your clothes but always looking like a true fashionista.

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All That Is Wrong Is Normal


At the GREAT urging of my little sisters, I’m almost finished reading Rise of the Dibor – book one in Christopher Hopper’s White Lion Chronicles trilogy. So far, my favorite character is Hadrian.

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He Raised Lazarus from the Dead


Jesus’ Sign Miracles #7

John 11:1-44

One of Jesus dearest friends had died, and Jesus feeling emotional over the loss went to where Lazarus had been buried. Jesus told Martha (Lazarus’s sister) to remove the stone. At first Martha objected, but then Jesus told her that she would see God’s glory if she believed in Jesus. The stone was then removed, and Jesus prayed to God, thanking Him that His prayers were heard. After Jesus prayer, Lazarus came out as Jesus called him.

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