New Testament In a Year: January 29 – Matthew 19


Matthew 19
(1-12) Teaching About Divorce
Regarding divorce, Jesus the Christ said that “from the beginning it was not so.” When God created Adam and Eve, He never planned for them to leave one another and go their separate ways over irreconcilable differences. Once a couple gets married, God intended for them to stay together forever, and all couples would stay together forever if we lived in a perfect world. But unfortunately people cheat on one another, lie to one another, disappoint each other, and abuse one another. All too often, “I do” becomes “I don’t.” Hearts are broken, children are crushed, and families fall apart. When divorce happens, everyone involved should remember that God understands unfortunate situations. Dad or mom may leave, wife or husband may walk out, but God will always remain.

(13-15) Let the Children Come to Me
You don’t have to be super-smart to see that little children are not as valued as they should be in our society. Apparently they weren’t that valued in Jesus’ day either. But as followers of Christ, we should follow His example and be at the forefront of welcoming and celebrating the ones who the kingdom of Heaven belongs too. Whatever the age, every single life is important to God. I think it says a lot that God did not send His Son as a mighty king or a valiant warrior, but as an innocent, vulnerable baby. “How Christianity invented children” is certainly worth reading.

(16-30) The Rich Young Man
We will be loath to follow Jesus when we desire and value treasure on earth more than we desire and value treasure in Heaven.

Favorite verse: (14) But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”


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